Thursday 24 February 2011

Sexual Subliminal on Tube Station

A few days ago I was walking through a station on the London Underground and I saw the poster above. Maybe I’ve just got the kind of mind that’s good at this kind of thing, but I immediately noticed the sexual subliminal in it. Can you see it? It appears to be a giant tortoise. But it also resembles a pornographic photograph of the “up-skirt” genre. Ever since the famous one taken from a still in a movie with Marilyn Monroe, this kind of erotic imagery has become very popular. The rim of the tortoise’s shell represents the skirt hem and its head, the subject’s exposed crutch. You can even see one of her breasts, the bump on the shell in the background. This particular poster is advertizing London Zoo, but despite its nature this ad will be primarily aimed at female viewers, like tourists with children who were not impressed with the museums etc, looking for something to entertain the little blighters. This is because subliminals tend to be homoerotic, like this other one I found a while ago: . Even the straightest man or woman may occasionally be hit by a homosexual urge. For most of us it is brief and not influential, but it tends to be suppressed into the subconscious, and it is in the subconscious that subliminal advertizing does its work, see the linked article above.

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