Monday, 2 April 2018

Stanton Friedman Retires

The original researcher into the Roswell UFO Incident and godfather of conspiratorial UFOlogy, Stanton T Friedman, has announced his retirement. He will no longer be doing his usual activities; appearing at conferences, doing radio interviews, talking to the mainstream media etc. That has been his full-time job for forty-eight years, but he wants to leave it now. He has received some criticism for this move, mostly because his contribution has been so widely enjoyed and respected by so many people, including myself, for such a long time. I particularly like his debates. He is totally fearless during his television appearances in which he eloquently eviscerates skeptics like Philip J Klass and Michael Shermer, the "noisy negativists" as he calls them; for example: Friedman has defended his decision to retire with the obvious point that he is eighty-four years old and his health is not what it used to be, see: At the moment in many countries people are complaining because the government won't let them retire until they're sixty-eight. He has also achieved so much in his life that has advanced UFOlogy; can we really demand more from him? His wife would like him to stop the endless travelling and spend more time at home with her. Source: All I can say is: Happy retirement, Stan. Enjoy yourself. Perhaps in the near future there will be some developments on the UFO scene that will compel you to come out of retirement, when the world is once again in need of the silver tongue and razor-sharp intellect of Stanton T Friedman.
See here for my interview with Stanton Friedman on HPANWO Radio:


Billy said...

What a man he is. One of my all time idols, along with David Icke and yourself naturally.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Yes he really is, Billy. Thanks for your comment.