Monday, 30 April 2018

Prince Louis

See here for essential background: The new royal baby has been named Louis. So I lose my bet again! His full name is Prince Louis Arthur Charles. The name is pronounced in the French way with the last s silent; "loo-ee". He is named after the Queen's cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was the last Viceroy and first Governor-General of India, see: In 1979 he was assassinated while boating off the coast of Ireland. A remote-controlled bomb was placed in the boat. The IRA claimed responsibility, but there is good reason to doubt that. The modus operandi and several political problems make it likely that Mountbatten was murdered by British intelligence. Louis is also the name of the last monarch of France. King Louis XVI was dethroned during the French Revolution in 1792 and killed a few months later by being publicly beheaded in Paris. He was part of the Bourbon dynasty which is related to the Habsburgs through the Rothschilds. See Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier: So two royals with the name Louis have met with violent ends within the space of three centuries. You'd think this would be enough to make the name taboo. I hope this is not an indication that the royal plans for Prince Louis' future are unfavourable.


Chris said...

Hiya Ben, did you see Darren Nesbitt and two pals get onto This Morning today to talk to Philip and Holy about their flat earth beliefs? It was great to see alternative thinkers get a national platform and I have spend most of the day looking into flat earth ideas; I think they are right, we are being lied to by the nefarious NWO that want to enslave us. Although I did spare a thought for you, Ben, as you really deserve to go on telly, too. After all you are an alien in a human body and not many people can say that. If flat earthers can go on TV then so should you. After Icke you are probably the 2nd finest alternative thinker in the country.

I'm going to send BBC and ITV an email saying how incredible you are and you really are looking to save the world. HPANWO must be thrust forward and people must know how important porters actually are.

Standing proud with you, Brother (Norwich Hospital 1982-2004)


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Bro Po.
Thanks very much :-) Good luck!
I was thinking of attending the flat earth convention in Birmingham just out of interest, but I'm afraid I am a dyed-in-the-wool "globalist".
All the best. P&D