Monday 2 June 2014

Pentagon Zombie Plan

Some of you will have seen the live lecture I delivered last year on the terrifying possibility of real zombies in this world. If not, watch it for background:
There has been another update on this situation, it has just been featured on Mindset Daily by my colleague Joe Dunn, see: The US Department of Defence has joined the CDC and Bristol City Council in drawing up a contingency plan on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. The document that has been obtained by news agencies is not classified and freely available in the public domain. This thirty-one page pamphlet has been given the catchy title of CDRUSSTRATCOM CONPLAN 8888-11 Counter Zombie Dominance Operations (U) and is dated the 30th of April 2011. There is a disclaimer in the opening which states that the reason such a "completely-impossible" (sic) scenario was chosen was in case the general public saw a more feasible fictional training plan and thought that it was real. Based on the other evidence I've been studying, see the background link above, I dispute that; it could well be a double-bluff. The document may be unclassified, but there will be those involved who will know the disclaimer is false, while others who are uninitiated into the document's true mission interpret it literally. The stated purpose of the plan is to preserve "non-zombie human lives", to establish a vigilant defensive condition aimed at protecting human lives from zombies; there will be established a hierarchy of "zombie conditions"- ZOMBIECONS or Z-CONS, so that troops will find it easier by operating under a system of predetermined standing orders depending on the condition set. Another purpose is, if necessary, to conduct military operations to eradicate zombie threats to human safety; according to the instructions of the President or Secretary of Defence. A secondary objective is to aid civil authorities in maintaining law and order, and also preserve the public services infrastructure during a zombie pandemic and in its aftermath. The document also categorizes different kinds of zombies, and this is where it gets really strange. "Pathogenic Zombies" are those created by a disease of some kind, "Radiation Zombies" are people who become zombies when exposed to electromagnetic or particle radiation, "Evil Magic Zombies" are the more traditional kind, engendered by malign supernatural phenomena, and "Space Zombies" are aliens which resemble zombies. All the above exist in current fiction and mythology, but this pamphlet branches out into completely original areas; unbelievably there are "Vegetarian Zombies", zombies which only eat plants; and they therefore pose no direct threat to human life, but can be a hazard if enough of them exist to consume farm produce, like a plague of locusts. The most grotesque category of all are "Chicken Zombies", undead barnyard poultry which become reanimated after being gassed. The document goes on to explain the legal implications of killing zombies because the law must officially denote them as non-human before military operations can be taken against them. After all, in the film Night of the Living Dead one of the characters is shot dead by another who mistakes him for a zombie.

As with the other scenarioes I address in the background link, this document contains many elaborate details that are exclusive to a theorized zombie pandemic situation and it's hard to see how their contingencies could be adapted to any other eventuality, or whose skills emerging out of the training could be applied elsewhere. Alternatively, the entire document could work on a completely higher coded level of information; this is a concept I detail in my lecture. Either way, it's extremely worrying. I think we've come across a governmental plan related directly to the CDC and Bristol ones; the disclaimer might therefore just camouflage. Some Skeptics, like the radio show host Rebecca Watson, claim that the document is indeed coded, but coded because the enemy in this case, signified as the zombies, refers to a current ally, maybe Canada, see: Military strategists do create contingency scenarioes based on very radical transformations of the political order, including friends becoming foes and vice versa; fair enough I suppose, seeing as this has happened a lot in history. In which case coding would be necessary not to cause a diplomatic scandal in the real world. However the Department of Defence already uses code for such fictional training packages; the word "orange" is a common tag (Clancy 1996), but it may refer to a nation which is currently not hostile to the USA, or ever has been. This story has been treated as a novelty by the media, but I think it should be taken seriously and we should be concerned. We now have multiple political and social institutions in at least two countries that are publishing official literature featuring zombies in a very ambiguous and only a mildly tongue-in-cheek way. Combined with this is a raising of the profile of zombies in the fictional media and the relocation of the National Bio and Agro Defence Facility from Plum Island, New York to Manhattan, Kansas, see: I apologize if I've frightened anybody with this news story, but when the facts are considered I think you ought to be much more scared if people in the conspiratorial community were not talking about it.

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