Wednesday 4 June 2014

Illegal Immigrants and Proud

I do not believe that the media is completely controlled by people who want to manipulate our minds; I know not everybody agrees with me, but I maintain that it is true. If the media were completely controlled by a monolithic power-structure which dictates every single thing that comes out of it then it would have a counter-propositional side to it merely in order not to make the manipulation too obvious, but it would be very attenuated and insipid; for any seasoned eye this duplicity would be very transparent. The kinds of productions I talk about in this article could never happen, see:, Some programmes are good, some are truly magnificent. Some are bad, some are very bad... and there are some, like the one I'm going to review now, that make me think that a brick not used to smash the TV screen while it is on is a brick wasted on the pointless task of building.
Illegal Immigrants and Proud can be watched online here. This link will only be live for a limited period of time. If a more permanent one becomes available, I'll edit this article and insert it:

There is obviously an entire ...and Proud series, clearly made for Channel 5 the same production team. This is the third. See here for my reviews of Gypsies on Benefits and Proud:, and On Benefits and Proud: The programme opens with a profile of Daljit Singh, known as "Bobby", an illegal immigrant from India who has been in the country almost twenty years, accompanied by a score of sitar music. The narrator wastes no time getting down to revealing how Bobby has been in jail four times, costing Mr and Mrs Taxpayer £50,000, and that he likes it in jail because the food and services are so luxurious, although he likes to get released so he can watch EastEnders. He has no home and sleeps under some bushes in a cemetery when he's not in prison. He spends his working day stealing, shoplifting and selling his booty on for drugs; the camera gives us a close-up of his smart, expensive trainers. Ironically he now wants to return to India, but can't because he has ditched his original passport; however he can't function in the UK without complete identity and so lives in Limbo, an Orwellian unperson. He got some jobs with a new fake passport for a while; it was only health problems which stopped him working. However he obtained NHS treatment by lying about his status, at huge cost to the taxpayer, naturally. He has had hip replacements in an NHS hospital, even though he's only thirty-four, and a skin graft. Most illegal immigrants in Britain come from a holding area in Calais, France, a huge favella of lean-to tents full of people from all over the Third World waiting for an opportunity to stowaway on the many cross-Channel ships heading for England. One of them, Dawood from Afghanistan, gives the cameraman a tour of the camp. Like Peter from Gypsies, I suspect from his cadence that he can speak better English than he does in the programme and has been coached to sound "all foreign like!". All he wants to do is get to the UK so he can get his hair styled and have some fish and chips. The method they often use is to secrete themselves aboard lorries bound for car ferries. This can involve dangerous actions, like climbing onto the vehicle's axle; many have been killed in accidents. If the stowaway is caught then the driver is always apportioned 100% of the blame, regardless of the circumstances, and is given an on-the-spot £2000 per-person fine. One driver says he thinks illegal immigrants when caught at sea should simply be thrown overboard. His lorry has to go through a myriad of customs checks, including heartbeat scanners, but this is still not enough to stop them. In fact two of the programme's contributors from the camp made it to the UK by these means. Saima, a Syrian woman, is a former assistant to a solicitor who was running a human trafficking business. She was treated badly at work by an office manager, a Mr Ali, who is now in jail for employing illegal immigrants. She got the job on false papers and her boss threatened to report her if she didn't "work like a slave" for almost no pay. The narrator optimistically points out that there are "new laws" in place to stop people like Mr Ali. Saima has now claimed political asylum through official channels; this means she will, of course, receive full benefits. She believes she deserves this because she had "dreams"; she was a law student who wanted to become a barrister on the Queen's Council. Like Saima, some illegal immigrants start off as legal and then outstay their visas, "overstayers" as they're called. These include some from non-Third World countries like Harley Miller, and Australian psychotherapist who was previously married to an EU... not specifically British... resident. She was working in the NHS, but she lost her entitlement to work when her husband divorced her and her spinster's visa expired. Her employers, the Department of Health, face dire legal consequences if they pay anybody like her  a day over that expiration date.

I know what some viewers are thinking while they watch this: They'll be screaming for vengeance and in desperation: "Stop this!... Please!... DO something!... I don't care what it is! Put CCTV in toilets with cameras in the bowls staring up at my arse while I have a shit!... Just please do something... anything... to stop illegal immigration!" And this is exactly what the authorities want to hear. This is the very reason they coopt the media to produce programmes like this. I advise everybody look at what David Icke has written about Problem-Reaction-Solution, see: The problem is illegal immigration, the reaction is outrage... what's the solution? The clues are in the programme: more bureaucracy and official personal documentation; the database state and the need for constant ID checks to perform any function in society such as applying for a job, claiming benefits, gaining a tenancy on a house etc etc etc. The fingerprinting of children at school, the harvesting of DNA, maybe even the agenda to microchip everybody. We will need tighter border controls between the rich West and the impoverished Third World, what I call the New Iron Curtain, see: These moves will turn the entire Earth into a global concentration camp... but who cares? At least there'll be no foreign scroungers eh? This is why the UK Immigration Service is so inefficient. This is why the Border Agency are so incompetent in stopping illegal immigrants into this country. Some liberals will tell you that immigration is simply not a problem at all and we should therefore take no action at all to control it. This is not the opposite of the reaction; on the contrary, it lays out the very flowerbed in which the solution can be sown. I do not say that mass-immigration is not a genuine problem, just that the immigration frying pan can never be so bad that it warrants us jumping out of it into the fire of the New World Order. The real solution to the problem of mass immigration, a real problem, can only come from addressing the real cause. This means we must improve the quality of life in the Third World so that people won't want to leave their homelands; after all, who's going to come to England for the weather? Let nobody kid you into thinking that is not possible; it's actually very easy: Release Third World countries from their economic bondage through the cancellation of debt and land occupation. End all the manipulated wars over oil and other resources in these regions. That alone would probably do the trick, before we even begin delving into the more outlandish elements like the declassification of Free Energy, see:, and natural farming methods like ORMUS and Terra Preta, see: No progress can ever be made, and great harm will definitely be done, by anybody who acts on the disgraceful blatant, and yet also subtle, rhetoric of controlled media travesties like Illegal Immigrants and Proud.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article again Ben. It is true that the agenda of the controlling automatic privilaged elite that operate through such anomalies as MAPPA for example use our fear, anxiety and hatred that feeds and sustains prejudice so that they can subtly and comprehensively introduce laws and control 'measures' to tackle these issues addressed in the program but ultimately use them on you. It true that there are strains on infastructure etc but this is a matter bigger than immigration (UKIP has missed this point) it is infact to do with the access defended and elitist Global Commerce Model that leaves us fighting over the scraps and fighting to squeeze through the ever shrinking gates of 'ambition'. Countries and Borders are mere inconsequential historical boundaries used to consolidate tribal frontiers such as religion, patriotism and other tribal distinctions engendered in the social psyche yet the system stands above all and manipulates them for it's advantage. We must smash our internal system built on these psychological borders so that we cannot be manipulated by them by external agenda's that ultimately turn on us regardless of colour or county of origin. Thanks again Ben

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, X. Exactly, the creation of chaos through civil war and domestic strife, out of which will come the New Society, the New World Order. You're very welcome.

Anonymous said...

The western countries and its power structure have been raping and pillaging the Middle-East and Africa for decades.

Third-world debt and control of the resources have allowed corporations to amass great fortunes off the blood and sweat of the local peoples. But like a cancer it eats at the very body and soul which means soon enough the locals suffer immensely.

And to make matters worse we start wars for oil and install puppet governments under the financial control of bilderberger groups.

It all leads to mass starvation, disease and death. And families are forced to uproot and move elsewhere in the search of a better life, which brings us to the created problem of mass immigration.

People don't want them here, things are bad enough when today all that is left are crumbs from the filthy elites table. So the solution that programs like this highlight and you Ben state clearly are tighter control and surveillance.

You put it all together and it stinks of someone making this happen. The solution is to improve the living standard of the country. No more wars for oil and end the financial system in favour of something that doesn't rely on usury. That would give a great start to these people and there future out looks

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for the comment, Anon. That's absolutely true. This whole situation has been manipulated.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi friends ,its me that guy you lots taking about Bobby, daljit even exist. Like they said Bobby lived 20years in UK then he's no illegalby law .I had ops but how rob taxpayers when i am a taxpayer myself. It's all leis. I was going throw bad Time n they took advantage. Deal was for my work I gets help n show people who hated foreigner ((no illegal )living worse den animal. But what they showed were there own words. Coz been told its sm act gonna add.they said its BBC, y they lied n its channel 5

Bobby said...

Bobby they make my life hell with all lies. Illegal were behind me.I beaten by English people .since then i been hiding. I love union Jack. I never harm or steal uks money.who's gonna giv me justice from channel 5 B