Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Rupert Sheldrake Stabbed in 2008

A long time ago now, on the 2nd of April 2008 in fact, Rupert Sheldrake was attacked by a man wielding a knife. The incident happened at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness at Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. See: The police treated the case as attempted murder; the suspect was a Japanese man called Hirano Kazuki. I'm sure I wrote an article on HPANWO about this at the time, but I can't find it now. I've no positive evidence that this attack was anything more than what it seems to be at first glance, another "lone nutter" does something completely independently of their own accord, like Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark Chapman etc etc etc... but I don't think it can be ruled out that "other forces" were behind it. There are many people who might want Sheldrake out of the way. I've started reading his new book The Science Delusion and I can immediately understand why the Skeptics have reacted so viciously against it. Would some of them go to more drastic lengths? Maybe we should warn Dr Sheldrake that there might be more attempts on his life. I don't want to give the man nightmares, but better safe than sorry. See here for background:


Anonymous said...

I just thought to inform you that The incident Happened in Santa Fe ,New Mexico, USA not in California.
I used to work with the Science and Conscience conference.
Thank You for your work and this post.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

OK, Anon. Correction done. Thanks for pointing it out. Glad you like HPANWO :-) Much more to come!

Anonymous said...

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I received the e-mail shown below on March 20, 2013. I believe the author is an MKULTRA subject after using Google to search for his name (see clippings below his message). Claims of "telepathy" and "thought transference" are key signs that someone is a subject (victim) of MKULTRA neurotechnology.

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