Saturday 15 December 2012

London Chemtrails Awareness Conference

"Mama, what are those white lines in the sky?" goes the opening chorus line of the song by the late and much lamented Revd George, see: (Here's the link to George's tribute show: Why is it that children are often the best at asking obvious questions? Perhaps because the manipulators' deliberate distractions, the human blinkers, put over the mental eyes of adults have yet to be tightly fastened on children. What those white lines in the sky are, I do not know; all I know is what they're not: They are not water vapour condensed around particles of soot from a jet aircraft's exhaust. High flying jets do produce trails of condensation, "contrails" as they're called, when the heat of the exhaust gases from engine meets the sub zero temperatures of the upper atmosphere, in the same way your hot breath produces visible condensation when you breathe out on a cold day. As with your own breath, these trails evapourate again very quickly; within a few seconds to a couple of minutes. They are tenuous and translucent and have no effect on the environment around them. But in the last couple of decades very different trails have started being left by some high-flying aircraft. Trails which do not evapourate at all, trails which can last for hours, trails which can spread out to be several miles wide, trails which blot out the sun like fog and change the sky from blue to white. These are what have been nicknamed "chemical trails", or shortened in the same way to "chemtrails".

Yesterday I attended the Chemtrails Awareness Conference in London. This was a short afternoon event held at the Terrence Higgins Trusts' Lighthouse centre in Kensington, a modern and comfortable venue. I first heard about the event from a post on the Kent Freedom Movement's website, see: and decided to attend. It was a free event but most of us made donations so that the next event can be free too. It was run by a local lady called Mona Norman and it featured three speakers. It was a Friday and the weather was very wet and windy. Bad weather and a weekday booking made me worry that only a few people would turn up, but I was pleased to see about two hundred people in the seats when I arrived, slightly late (apologies). The first speaker was a man from Kent with a great name: Ben! He has been studying chemtrails for a long time and been filming them for his YouTube channel, Mercifully101, see: He showed us maps and diagrams of where the 'trails were laid and traced the progression of an organized attack over a certain time period, with new 'trails being laid over older ones. Ben believes that they're connected to weather modification and control. The world has been experiencing some very strange climatic events in the last few years, extremes of temperature, precipitation and wind. In our own country we had some of the hottest summers ever followed by the coldest winters, followed by the longest droughts and, in this year, the wettest spring; and a summer that was so wet and mild that it was hardly a summer at all. The official story is that this is all caused by climate change driven by human emissions of carbon dioxide gas or Carbon™ as it has been rebranded, and it's no exaggeration to use that word. Ben doesn't agree with this, and neither does this Ben! However I suspect that the pilots, engineers and other people involved may have been fooled into thinking that chemtrails are a secret geoengineering project to "save the world" from Carbon™ caused climate change. The best way to hide a big conspiracy is to conceal it behind a smaller one. It's hard to know when chemtrails began but Ben has traced the theoretical concept right back through the last century. I myself had brought along a page from a 1989 edition of Gardening magazine showing a photograph with chemtrails in them, see photo above. Also I've spoken before about my strange childhood memory of seeing an episode of Tomorrow's World in the 1980's discussing atmospheric modification to prevent global warming, see: The phenomenon of "global dimming" has been noted by NASA, as an audience member pointed out; however this too has been warped by the Carbonistas into a scaremongering dread-fest, see: , but it has resulted in vitamin D deficiency in many parts of the world; are chemtrails to blame? The second speaker was an Englishman who lives in the south of France, but he's not a movie star or disgraced politician on the run; he is Max Bliss, see: . He showed us some interesting photographs and film footage of some of the strange effects the sky suffers as a result of chemtrails, including clouds of a kind scientists have had to give new names to that only appeared in the last twenty years. Also the strange wispy patterns known as "sylphs", which I wrongly thought were attacking the chemtrails once, see: . Since then I've been disappointed to find out that they are really products of the 'trails themselves. Max also mentioned the work of Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of Orgone energy, see: and he feels Reich's work is involved with the chemtrails somehow; it wouldn't surprise me if this were so. He also spoke about the strange phenomenon of "black chemtrails". I'd heard about this and always assumed that they were merely the shadows of 'trails being projected onto thin layers of lower cloud, but Max has taken photoes that show this is not the case. He also has captured images of strange black lines moving over the sky and wonders if somebody is messing around with directed energy weapons, like the type that Dr Judy Wood thinks destroyed the World Trade Centre, see: . Maybe HAARP is connected with this. Max says that airlines such as Air France and Ryanair are spraying from their regular commercial aircraft. I've doubted this in the past, but after listening to Max I'm not so sure. However Max stated that dedicated secret chemtrail fleets do exist. He has also made holes in the 'trails with his "chembuster", based on the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich. The last speaker was a lady called Alix who runs Chemtrails UK with another woman called Olga; sorry, I only have a Facebook link: . She is a researcher and activist who is determined to expose the truth behind chemtrails. She says that this is difficult because the middle classes, whose opinions are the only ones the politicians even minimally respect, are too busy earning money and driving people-carriers; however she feel optimistic and has carried out double-blind scientific tests on rainwater to try and prove once and for all what is going on. She believes that if you can wake people up to chemtrails you can also wake them up to everything else; and chemtrails are such a huge and deadly secret that she's probably right.
So what are chemtrails? Well I doubt if they're anything to do with Carbon™ emissions in my view, as I said above. They may well be a programme to control the weather, as Ben said. However they may also be an attempt to change the environment of the Earth in other ways too. People have reported strange fibres falling from the sky during a chemtrail blitz; perhaps they're connected to the mysterious condition known as Morgellon's Disease. A famous baseball player (which unfortunately makes him famous nowhere except in the United States) has bravely spoken out about his suspicions that he has caught this condition, see: . I wish him well and hope he recovers soon. One thing I'm fairly positive about is rather than them being particles or fluid in suspension, some sort of chemical reaction with the air is taking place. The New World Order definitely plots the extermination of most of the people in the world and also a fundamental change to the planet's biosphere. Could chemtrails be a part of that? Or does the link to HAARP and Dr Judy Wood's work mean that they're an attack on the electrical or aetheric body of the Earth. Whatever they are, one thing's for certain: they're bad news for us! They need to be exposed and stopped before it's too late. Conferences, like this Chemtrails Awareness one I've just been to, are a big step forward in achieving that. Thanks to Mona, all the speakers and other attendees who were there.


Alix said...

Hi Ben,
Thank you for the write up of the first of many to come chemtrails awareness events starting up around the UK. Gentle correction for the second speaker - his name is Max Bliss and has a youtube channel MrMaxBliss.
If people would like to know more about this issue please visit where the DIRECTIVE to Ban Geoengineering from our Skies can be downloaded and rainwater tests can be ordered. The Directive has 20 points of evidence to help connect the dots of this reality.
ChemtrailsProjectUK is also on Facebook -
Again, many thanks for taking the time to help raise awareness about this issue literally above all others going on in plain sight daily around the world.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Alix. Thanks for letting us know. I have adjusted the article. I've sent your group a message on Facebook too.

Kind regards.