Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas High Street Sales Figures

Christmas is here again, and I came across this seasonal story about how High Street sales are “down” on average this year, and how this is “disappointing” to economic analysts, see: There is a very strange tone to this article; a kind of shock-horror, “what a shame” attitude. It alludes only slightly to what really should be bloody obvious! These human beings, what are called by the deeply sinister dysphemism, “consumers”, have had our jobs taken away from us. We’ve had our benefits cut to save bankers with more money than God losing one off a long row of zeroes on their bank statements. Those of us out of work have been forced to become civic slaves just to be tossed the pittance of Job Seekers Allowance. We’re constantly fed stories about how nothing lies ahead of us except economic Armageddon... And we’re expected to do our High Street duty by going to these cathedrals to materialist consumerism and parting with what little promissory cash we have for piles of trinkets we don’t need, and those whom we buy them for will probably throw away before spring!... That’s why Christmas High Street sales are down this year!... DUH!

At least this time we’re not going to be insulted with an attempted guilt trip like we have been in the past! See:

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Lemsip said...

I hear this every year on the BBC News and no longer feel guilty and pressurised to go out and spend except on myself of course. The main reason is because of online shopping so why should people spend in the shops as well as buy presents online.

I love the remark about how the economy could dive just because people are sick and therefore not eating the junk food marketed to them during the swine flu crisis. We're made to feel responsible for everything that happens including the weather; both the causes and the solutions.