Monday 9 January 2012

Scottish Independence


The people of Scotland are going to have a referendum on the biggest single issue in that country’s political history: Devolution, becoming an independent nation. For over 300 years Scotland has been part of a “Union” with England to form the modern United Kingdom. This in practice means that Scotland is ruled by England. It shows how much I’ve changed over the years! In not that many ages past I was a Welsh Nationalist and I’d have been cheering on the Scottish Celts in their drive to cast off the yolk of the Anglo-Norman conqueror! But not anymore.

Firstly, today I know that there’s a big difference between genuine Independence and false-independence. Many nations that have supposedly become independent of colonial powers continue to be ruled by the European Crowns, especially England, in secret through the Elite networks. Good examples are Zimbabwe, Ireland and the United States of America. Secondly, the breaking up of the Union of Great Britain could be a scam by the EU Agenda. Once the UK is reduced to its constituent parts those parts could be more easily absorbed into the European Union, like one would break up a lump of potato so that it washes down a plughole more easily. So I urge caution. What could look like a victory for national liberation and self-determination might in fact be the exact opposite!

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Scott L Felton said...

If we leave the EU it will be that much more difficult for Europe to swallow us down your metaphorical plug hole!