Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One of the Best 9/11 Debates Ever!


This is one of the best 9/11 Conspiracy debates ever! I’ve got little time for the Leftist and sympathizer to Islamic extremeism George Galloway, but he does a good job on his show of shepherding this wrangle. I was impressed that he remained professional and resisted the temptation to let fly on one of his characteristic bigoted rants.

This is an edited medley of a series of interviews George did over a number of programmes. The most interesting part is the first segment in which Tom Keely (Any relation to John Keely the Free Energy inventor?) is challenged by a regular caller into George’s The Mother of All Talkshows, Fred, “The Wisest Cabbie in Christendom!” Fred conjures up an image of in my head of a building teetering for 30 years like a precarious pile of dominoes, a little nudge and down it goes like a spring-loaded top hat. If the kind of structural damage done to it by the aircraft impacts could have caused that kind of structural damage then maybe a storm or something also could. New Yorkers could wake up after a windy night and find the WTC vanished and a pile of rubble substituted. Tom is right about the fire. Fred seems to think that it was like a furnace in a forge! And Tom is also correct about 9/11 being a media stunt. If the WTC towers had fallen straight away, as Fred thought they would have been bound to, the first reporters would have simply shown a boring heap of rubble.

Another thing I'd have asked Fred was if there was an inferno in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit at the places where the planes crashed how was it that a man called Rick Rescorla was standing in an office just 5 storeys below talking on the phone? There even people seen walking in the open air in some parts of the holes in the walls. See:

If any of you can find what you think is a better 9/11 debate than this, let me know!

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