Saturday, 25 October 2008

Being Bullied? YOU are to blame!

Terrific! So the solution to being ridiculed is to change our ways to appease those who ridicule us! Why don't those doing the ridiculing be made to change their ways... you know like stop riducling people! Duh!

Something similar happened to me when I was at school. I was being bullied and had to attend a special needs class with the Orwellian name of "Education for Living". The tutor taking the class (who had the unlikely name of Miss Blow- no joke!) was almost falling over herself with suggestions of changes I could make to my lifestyle that would stop the bullies targeting me. At no point did she suggest that it was the bullies who needed to change their ways and stop bullying. This is Prime Conformsim. It wasn't the bullies fault it was mine! It's like the rapist saying "she was asking for it!"

Think of the message this gives out. Violence is fine. Violating people for merely being different is fine. Being different is NOT fine. If you're bullied because you're different YOU are the one at fault! You're to blame for not being a clone


DavidM said...

Well, she's right. You attract everything into your life. It's all up to you at every time.
If you offer the vibration for being bullied, you get it. If you raise your frequency, you will be like invisible for them.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I know what you mean, David, but in this case the "fault" is not being explained to be based on vibration and attraction, but Conformism and dogma. It's not "You're being bullied because you're low self-esteem is creating the situation" it's "You're being bullied because you're not Con-forming to the established norm. You MUST Con-form and bullies are justified in targeting you if you resist.

ustane said...

Spot on. I knew a guy who even got me to get his CDs of David Essex from the shop for him because he didn't want to be seen buying this music even though he enjoyed it, as coming from his culture, feared being thought of as 'weird'. He gave me loads of earache when I had typical setbacks most people have, and made me feel it was only happening to me as though I incited it, such as being ripped off - I was chastised for being too 'soft' and 'trusting'. I was told 'if you're nice people will shit on you'. By other people too. It's criminalising someone for being who they are. It is cramping somebody into a choker.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

This guy seems very frightened. Firstly he's frightened because he has musical tastes that don't tally with the demands of the Conformist Regime. The CR calls people like him "anoraks" and portrays them as media CAP's. Also he's bought into the social Darwinist model of society, which is championed by the CR and which I outline above, that those who obey Conformist lifestyle principles are allowed (and even are obliged!) to brutalize those who resist, to bring them into line. It's like the analogy David Icke uses: the prison without warders where the prisoners themselves prevent their fellow inmates from escaping. Why shouldn't people be "soft" and "trusting" if that is their true nature? If all those who were origianally soft and trusting persevered with being so rather than being "encouraged to change their ways" then the world would be a much better place! But any softness or trust is thrashed out of us by Conformsim, apart from the few exceptions who resist.

I remember challenging some of my fellow porters over how they were taking advantage of a member of their shift who was a very gentle and vulnerable person. They replied: "It's his fault; he lets us do it." So you see Conformist religion has both brainwashed its believers into evangelizing others and absolved them of moral accountability for any violence they do to others in order to convert them!

ustane said...

Yes the CR is emotionally damaging with its mental cruelty in all its forms and flavours, from how you dress to your voice, disposition, personality. As well as being ashamed of the music that gave him so much pleasure in private, when I was holding a kebab once my hand happened to be bent around it in a funny position, and he went on and on about how it looked 'handicapped' and how he wasn't going to have people 'laughing after him' - the same person who says he's not one of the 'mainstream' and feels more at home with 'eccentric' people - well let him be proud to celebrate it then

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

It makes me wonder how many of the people I meet all the time are being real people, in the sense that they are expressing their own, unique selves. Or are they just actors, playing the "normal, sane good citizen", like I tried to in the past. Are they afraid to step outside the hassle-free zone because of the consequences? Consequences ironically perpetrated by people who themselves might be playing a role and are too afraid to step out? This means that human society is based on social fascism! I hope your friend finds the hope and courage to step out. If he's thinking "But will my friends reject me?". then if they're going to reject him for being his own unique self then they were never his friends at all.