Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Word "Sheeple"

I have stated several times that I am opposed to using the word "sheeple", a portmanteau of the "sheep" and "people", to describe non-UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theorists because it is derogatory and self-righteous. For example, see: I am now lifting that moratorium. To fail to do so would be a denial of my present beliefs and observations of current human society. This does not mean I now plan to run all over the place calling everybody "sheeple" left, right and centre. I might not use the word at all, as I have not used it in the past. All I am saying is that "sheeple" now does have a place in my lexicon as an option, to be uttered if and when the appropriate circumstances arise.


Desmond said...

You are so damn right to change your policy on the cheap unoriginal ad hominem use of the pejorative portmanteau 'sheeple'. I call people that all the time and it is about time more of us did. What annoys me is the fact it is ok to call us conspiracy theorists or woo woos. I hate the latter term but the former isn't technically correct as it should be conspiracy conjecturists; that is if we want to adopt a more scientific approach to our researching.


PS I called this drunken thug with a knife a sheeple last year and spent over 6 weeks in hospital. I nearly died of blood loss and lost a large portion of my bowels, I now have a stoma. Do you know who the greatest and finest members of staff on the hospital were? The porters. Without them I surely wouldn't be here today.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Desmond. I'm sorry you had that encounter and I'm glad you survived. Thank for your appreciative words about the porters. May I share your story on the HPWA?

To be honest, I'm tired of being generous. That's why I can't hold back any more from being able to say "sheeple". If the state of the Truth movement is anything to go by then the general population doesn't stand a chance.

Desmond said...

Yes, you may share it.

All the best


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. Virtually everyone is part of the sheeple even a lot in the Truth movement. Being awake is a constant effort of will few are prepared to make or are able to make. We should as you say use this word a hell of a lot more and not hold back. I was very moved by Desmonds story and yes a lot of folk will always react violently when confronted by the truth and described in appropriate terms. I too have suffered and lost jobs and a marriage due to my no compromise attitude. Lonely are the brave. Dave