Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Livingstone Quits Labour

Ken Livingstone, the firebrand cornerstone of the traditional Labour left for decades, has resigned from the party. This is not the first time he has resigned, it is the second; but this time it is probably permanent. The reason for this is the war of attrition that he has been subjected to since his offhand comments about a historical controversy related to Nazi Germany (No, not THAT one!). His membership has since been suspended, see here for details: https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/is-ken-livingstone-nazi.html. I would be truly afraid if I were a Jew living in modern Britain. I would have to pray to Jehovah every day that He deliver me from the real anti-Semites because when they turn up none of my gentile countrymen will recognize them for what they are. The labels "anti-Semite!", along with "racist!" and "sexist!" etc, have been tossed around like sweeties to the point that they have lost their original meaning. Apparently David Icke is anti-Semitic, Anthony J Hilder is anti-Semitic, even I am anti-Semitic. This is despite the fact that I have made a feature-length video specifically explaining why the New World Order is not the work of Jews, see background links below.

The gibbering lynch mob of anti-Livingstone Labourists have been gloating all over social media about the resignation of their hate-figure. The repellent Luciana Berger MP, who previously spat her dummy out over the beautiful Mear One New World Order mural, see: https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/anti-semitic-mural.html, Tweeted: "Glad to hear it. Should have happened two years ago." Wes Streeting MP added: "We must now make it clear that he will never be welcome to return." Ruth Smeeth MP said that Livingstone's resignation was welcome and that he should have expelled long ago for his "toxic views". This vainglorious hysteria has driven to the excess of the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism criticizing Jeremy Corbyn simply for saying that Livingstone's decision to resign was "sad" and demanding that he apologize. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-44196298. This is the same political party that not only tolerates the most excretable racist and sexist remarks made by Diane Abbott, but exalts her into one of their superstars for it. I once voted Labour but really wish I hadn't. Honestly, I would not feel safe in this country if these people are ever in government. Wikipedia defines Anti-Semitism as: "Hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews." However Labour MP's seem to define is as: "Anything said by anybody about anything, ever." Is it possible to get Britain's political train back on the track of logic and justice when it has been derailed to this extent? I truly doubt it.

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