Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chemtrails Hiatus

I took the photo today in Oxford. It shows clear, deep blue sky and natural clouds; a beautiful sight. I've forgotten what such a sky looks like with all the chemtrails, which are so common nowadays as to be the norm. However over Oxford I've not seen any for about a week. It's not just Oxford either; I never saw any on my trip to Hull either, see: I know other countries are still getting them, and even parts of Britain are still effected, but for some reason there's a large area that for the past week chemtrail operations have been suspended. Maybe they're doing some kind of control study; checking on the project's progress by seeing what differences can be observed when the 'trails are absent. Whatever the reason I'm sure it's regrettably temporary, so I intend to enjoy this lovely unspoilt skyscape while it lasts.


dawn of a new era said...

is there anything that we as a people can do to put a stop to these,any ideas,?does anyone know who is doing it? the dumping i mean ,i believe it is virtualy worldwide now

Anonymous said...

You're welcome,