Thursday 21 June 2012

No MBA's on Wikipedia

I was casually browsing Wikipedia the other day when I came across the page of Marcus du Sautoy, who has replaced Richard Dawkins the new Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford. See: As you can see, there is a list of his various qualifications, awards and honours on the fourth paragraph of the page. I was shocked and outraged that they had not included his MBA! This is despite the fact that his documentation and medal have been sent to him! See: . How dare Wikipedia omit that! I was drafting an email of complaint when I checked the page again and saw that somebody... I don't know who... has edited it. They have added onto the end of the fourth paragraph: "In 2011 he was decorated with the Materialist Bravery Award- Silver grade." Hopefully this addendum will still be present when you read this article.

I'm very distressed to see that Wikipedia have also failed to present the status of two other prominent MBA Laureates, Dr Susan Blackmore, see: , and Prof. Richard Wiseman, see: . The MBA emerged out of the perennial and intriguing question of what happens to a person when they die. Do we just stop existing when our body does? Or is there an Afterlife of some kind; heaven, hell etc? The answer is, of course, that there is no Afterlife of any kind because the mind and consciousness is simply the by-product of electrochemical activity in the brain and so when we die our consciousness ceases to exist forever. The reason people believe in Life-After-Death is simply because the prospect of ceasing to exist is unbearable and so humanity has concocted a mental safety-net to survive psychologically...

But... BUT Some people can face it! Some people have the courage, the fortitude, and general SUPERIORITY to face that reality... HEAD ON! They're EXTREMELY SUPERIOR people... And so I thought that they're valour, bravery, pragmatism and general GLORY... should be recognized. And so I devised the Materialist Bravery Award to honour them.
See here for background:

Obviously it's completely wrong to edit Wikipedia willy-nilly without the consent of the page's subject, and I would strongly advise against anybody doing so, but if somebody... whoever it might be... happens to amend the information therein to include the subject's MBA status, I would not be overwhelmed with righteous indignation.


Anonymous said...

Sir, you are very wrong in your conclusion about life after death. The spiritual is as real as the physical. The problem is that you cannot at this level of man's scientific development detect the spiritual aspect of man by any scientific means. May be, tomorrow we may be able to do so, after all we're still developing. For your information man is a spirit, lives in a body, and possesses a mind (soul). The body, which is the object of your experiment dies, but the spirit lives on. Study the Bible, and may God (through Jesus Christ) open your eyes before it's too late. As for the wikipedia omission, you really don't need wikipedia or anybody to applaud your work if it's really a success. You should derive satisfaction from a job well done. If you are not, then one stands to doubt the success of such a job. Sadly, when an individual lives only for materialism and banish God from his life, unfulfillment is the result.

Iain said...

The people mentioned in your blog have in fact been subject to a campaign of harrasment on Wikipedia by several annonymous people (or one sockpuppet) and now openly by yourself. Please do not carry out personal attacks or goad people there. It often causes distress to children associated with the victims, especially if the goading is sustained by several people over time. I find it sad that by identifying yourself with this kind of stupid and thoughtless behaviour you're doing nothing more than causing embarrassment to other people in the Alternative View community.

''Trolls are basically Internet bullies who travel round cyberspace harassing and insulting other Net users. They are some of the worst people imaginable; in my view they encapsulate the most despicable and depraved mentalities in existence. I feel more contempt for them than almost anybody else.'' - Ben Emlyn-Jones