Saturday 17 July 2010

Roman Polanski NOT to be Extradited


Roman Polanski, the film director of such meaningful films as Rosemary’s Baby, will not be extradited to the US to face charges of having sex with an underage girl in 1977. No, it seems European nations are far more interested in handing over UFO-hackers like Gary McKinnon, see: . When you think about it, Polanski might have technically done wrong, but his “victim” was a streetwise teenage girl, not some little toddler with a teddy-bear. So it’s not fair to call him a “paedophile” and categorize him with the likes of Gary Glitter.

As I’ve said before, maybe there’s a reason why the authorities are coming down on him so hard now!:


Cabal said...

Guilty or not, more or less - anyway, there's a bad aura around him. Starting from one of most infamous celebrity killings in history, done by Charles Mansons' sect on Polanski's partner, Sharon Tate and their friends. Then this suspicion, and some other gloomy things. It seems, that also Jack Nicholson's company was ill-fated for years: this "raping" took place in his villa, and in 1982 Nicholson was involved in deeds which ended in John Belushi's fatal overdose... Anyway, it was quite a paradox for me (as Pole) when on Oscar winning ceremony for "The Pianist" both producer (Lew Rywin, involved in some bribery and "dirty money" wash things at this time, now yet in prison) and director - Polanski - were banned from turning up :). Oh, i'd say - typical for my countrymen, always no strangers to troubles ;)

P&D from Jacob (again)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Jacob. Well your country did give us Zbigniew Brzezinski, the 20th century's greatest NWO-er! I certainly don't intend to sound like I'm turning Polanski into a hero. He is a dodgy character in many ways. "Rosemary's Baby" made me gasp in astonishment. It shows, I think, that Polanski knew a hell of a lot about the true activities of occultists. I think Stanley Kubrik did too, especially after I watched "Eyes Wide Shut". There's an urban myth, that might or might not be true, that the horrible beast that was conjoured up during the ritual scene in "Rosemary's Baby" was played by Anton LeVay, leader of Hollywood's Church of Satan. If he really made "The Ghost Writer" in the face of threats and blackmail then credit is due and I give it to him.



Cabal said...

This is link to biggest movie's site and LaVey's biography included:

So, there. No connection with Polanski's masterpiece. Yet, LaVey was no stranger to cinema, appearing in one of Kenneth Anger movies (you're familliar with this director), and also - apparently lame - mid 70's "The Devil's Rain", among other projects.