Thursday, 18 December 2008

Every Little Doesn't Help!

I went to see this movie at the cinema. I like the Indiana Jones series and this new film looked the most interesting yet. It had references to the crystal skulls, like the famous Mitchell-Hedges one, which are fascinating and enigmatic objects. The film also contained the scenario of Roswell, Area 51 and the crashed alien spacecraft. I was therefore delighted when I saw the Tescos advert in The Sun newspaper stating a special Christmas offer: the newly-released DVD of the film was available there at £6.99, half price! I hot-footed it down to Tescos to pick up a copy. I therefore was quite indignant when the cashier charged me the full retail price of £13.99. She explained to me that, yes, I could purchase the DVD at half price… if I spent £50 or more on groceries at the store first. They never mentioned that in the advert! So this “special deal” is no more than bait to get shoppers away from small local businesses and into the big corporate supermarket chains! You’ll be glad to know that I declined the offer and bought the movie at the full retail price.

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