Saturday 19 March 2016

American Election Update

This is a follow-up article to one I wrote a while ago. Please read it first if you haven't yet, see:
In the above link I made a prediction; I said: "Hilary is the chosen one. What we are going to see over the next few months is a sudden and inexplicable decline in the public presence of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. By November their very names will be virtually forgotten." This has not come to pass, at least when it comes to Trump. In fact Donald Trump has soared into a decisive lead at the Presidential Primaries and Caucuses; following his success at this week's second Super Tuesday, it is very clear he is not going to be another Ron Paul. Old Republican faithfuls like the former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have urged the electorate not to back Trump. This is remarkably similar to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the British Labour Party and how Tony Blair and his Neoconservative acolytes spoke out against electing him leader, see: Unfortunately for the Republicans, their appeals have backfired just as badly. So it looks as if Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate in the Presidential election this year. I don't see how they can stop him now. Sure, it is still technically possible for Ted Cruz to appear to beat Trump through rigging the polls or expelling Trump at the GOP conference, but to do so at this point would be just so obvious that it wouldn't work. Too many people would see the manipulation for what it is. This indicates something else that I've noted before; the Illuminati do not have the ability to control absolutely everything directly. Their power comes from more the subtle influence of pivot points and marginal dialectics. They surf all the right rising and falling trends in a devious strategic manner, coaxing and prodding at the right spots, see here for more details: And sometimes their plans do not work out. This does not mean they're going to give up. Hillary is still the chosen one, in my view. I've spoken to many people who disagree, but I do not believe Donald Trump is controlled opposition. He's too insensitive, tactless and, frankly, stupid. He's the ultimate useless idiot. This means new tactics will need to be drawn up to put Hillary where she belongs. As a last resort they can always do to Trump what they've done to others many times before, most recently Antonin Scalia etc. Like Corbyn will before the next UK general election, Trump could simply go for a walk in the woods... 


Laurence said...

Your prediction Ben, as I saw it, was that the election was predetermined to ensure the continuation of the New World Order; Clinton being the personification of the NWO would therefore be elected. This prediction is proving to be correct.

The only outcome that could not be accounted for was the galvanising effect of the financial independence of the opposition, coupled with plain speaking and the effect this would have on the conscience of the working man. "The subtle influence of pivot points and marginal dialectics" have therefore had to be set in motion (probably more than they would have liked) to ensure that the same opposition is simply unelectable.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Maybe, Laurence. Perhaps time will tell. Even though the Loomies can only move pivot points, they'd take more risks if it looked like Trump might actually beat the Wicked Witch of the White House.