Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Flu Fighter!

This year the Government is promoting the flu vaccine with this “Flu Fighter” lego character. Is this meant to resonate with the term “Foo Fighter”, a World War expression that meant a UFO?

On the reverse of the flyer the Government aims to tackle some of the “myths” concerning the flu vaccine: That it is dangerous, ineffective etc. I can only relate my own experience with the vaccine. I took it two years running in the early 1990’s and I was as sick as a dog for a week; the flu that the vaccine is meant to prevent would have given me less malaise. It reminds me of my Swine Flu Diary, see:

The vaccine is recommended, but not compulsory for NHS staff… yet! So as you’ve probably guessed, I’ve opted to give it a miss and take my chances with the flu.


The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

I've fought the good fight on swine flu vaccination in relation to my job in healthcare. Despite the scientific evidence showing the potentially huge risks in having it, it was the health of people after the fact that seemed to disuade the those I told.
Unfortunately, that's like bolting the stable door... if you get my meaning!

On a seperate note, Ian R Crane mentioned (On The Edge) a hospital porter getting into trouble with their employees for their extra vocational views. I won't press you, but I hope you'll try and cover this in an upcoming post.

All the best my friend. Your a credit to the cause of truth, so keep up the good work.

Carl (the 'Guide)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Carl. It seems the rumours have spread too quickly to supress! I have got into trouble, yes. I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss the details at this point, but I'm in good spirits and I feel confident that I've done nothing wrong.
Thanks, mate.

Flu said...

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