Friday, 23 September 2011

Red Arrows London Olympic Campaign

There's a rumour going round that the Red Arrows will be banned from flying one of their famous displays over the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. This may be just an urban myth, but it's being taken so seriously that a campaign and pettition has been started:

I've signed on to it. Unlike most of the other signatories this is not from any patriotic fervour on my part; I'm just curious about what's going on. Not to have the Red Arrows at such a major historical British landmark event like the Olympics is virtually unthinkable for many. As Ross Hemsworth said: "They're flown in for the opening of a crisp-packet!" Could it be that the sky above London on the opening or closing ceremony will need to be clear for... other things!?

See Ian R CRane talking about a false-flag alien invasion:


The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

What's the betting we'll have clear blue skies on the day also!
All The Best.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

No 'Trails that day I bet!