Sunday 19 June 2011

Crop Circles- Ikea and Dreams

I was in Ikea the other day with Ustane and we saw this strange pillow-case. These look very much like Crop Circle designs to me. The new Crop Circle season is currently underway and lots of new Circles are appearing. There’s a theme of simplicity this year I feel, a return to the roots of the phenomenon.

Some people have reported how Crop Circles have appeared after they’ve drawn pictures of a very similar design; some people have even dreamed them! Well, this has now happened to me. The other night I had a dream about a Crop Circle. This Circle has not yet appeared, but I wondered if I were having a Crop Circle premonition like the ones I’ve heard of before. Is there a way to prove it? There’s no point me describing my Dream Circle to you now because you might pass it on to a planker and he’ll make it and pretend my prediction came true. So I’ve decided to make this a blind experiment. I’ve made a drawing of my Dream Circle and put it in a sealed and dated envelope. I’ll reveal it to you if it comes true!

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