Monday, 9 November 2009

Simon Mann vs Mark Thatcher

This is interesting:

I’m afraid I have very little sympathy for Simon Mann. He was involved in a plot to ferment a coup in Africa for business purposes. Such activities have ruined the lives of millions of people across the Third World by creating poverty and oppressive regimes while the Elite get rich off them. Also he’s a very naïve man if he gets involved in a criminal deal with a blackguard like Mark Thatcher and expects better treatment! Thee only thing I agree on is that it's a shame Thatcher didn't join him in jail.

I notice how the Daily Mail are making a hero out of Mann because he’s a soldier. He may be a civilian no-patriated mercenary it doesn’t matter. He’s also ex-SAS… Get down on thine knees and worship him! In the eyes of the media soldiers are gods; see: . It wouldn’t matter if Thatcher’s and Mann’s plot had killed millions through famine and violence; Gods can do whatever they like. For the Cult of the Soldier it’s just one more test of their faith.