Thursday, 3 September 2009

Alien Found on Mexican Farm

Artists impression of the Varginha Incident alien

Exopolitics UK’s website:

This has come to my attention from my friend David Griffin of Exopolitics UK:

It’s a shame that the farmer killed the creature, but I can’t blame him for being scared. I wonder where the other being ran off too. Remember that one of the creatures from the Varginha Incident of 1996 is still at large; is history about to repeat itself?

This reminds me of something I read in Janet and Colin Bord’s Modern Mysteries of the World. A strange entity was discovered roaming on a farm in Australia around the turn of the 20th Century; it was captured by the farmer. The Bords’ witness was a young girl living on the farm at the time and her father was the farmer. He brought the wrinkled brown creature into the farmhouse trapped in a net. It was whimpering and crying in fear. The family were equally afraid of it. Her father was very religious and thought that the creature was the Devil. He dragged the being out of the house and the witness doesn’t know what happened to it, but she assumes her father killed it and either burned or buried it. The family never spoke of it again. It was only many years later when, as an elderly woman, she saw the film ET- the Extraterrestrial that she was reminded of the event because the alien in the film looked a bit like the one she saw.

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