Sunday 21 June 2009

Are Crop Circles Being Erased?

These photos were taken on my mobile phone camera… and by me… so they’re not very clear; apologies.

I was down in Wiltshire for the Summer Solstice to help David Icke make his new movie when Simon, a friend of mine who was driving the car I was riding in, came across a field near Alton Barnes where a combine harvester was cutting up some of the crop in the field you see in the photos. What was odd was that it’s too early for the Harvest and also that the combine was cutting up a specific area of the field. Next to the patch that was being cut up was part of an intact crop circle. Since we saw this spectacle we’ve noticed other fields in the area with “bald patches” on them. Are the farmers in Wiltshire destroying crop circles? If so, why? And on whose orders?

(Updated July 2011:) Apparently some farmers are erasing Crop Circles from their fields as soon as they arrive. There doesn't seem to be any conspiracy behind it that I can see; it just seems to be an attempt to deter the circle-makers, whom the famers assume are all humans with "stalk-stompers", from makinrg the Crop Circles on their farms in the first place. Hopefully, from their point of view, the farmers who develop a reputation for erasing Crop Circles will be left in peace by the plankers to begin with. There was a post on Facebook a couple of days ago which said that it's happening this year too. Apart from the sadness I feel at seeing the Circles destroyed so young, is scorn for those doing it; to me this is a very foolish move; the farmers who do this are cutting of their nose to spite their face. Firstly the act of erasure damages far more crop than the Circle does, and secondly a wily farmer who knows what he's doing can easily make more than a compensating few bob out of keeping the Crop Circle in his field. He can hire out the field to private tours, the media and Crop Circle scientists. Also if he puts up an "Honesty Box" most people will put something in it. I saw everybody doing so when I went Cropping a few years ago.

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