Monday, 23 March 2009

Jade Goody Dies

Jade Goody 1981-2009

Poor Jade. She's been a Conformist poster girl for her entire celebrity career. The mainstream media have treated her like a carnival fool. Even in her death throes the magazines were having competitions to see who could publish her obituary first. OK won... by getting it out before she'd even passed away; but that trifling matter escaped them. Now she's dead there'll be a similar frenzy to cover her funeral. Then she'll be forgotten by all except those who loved her, and some other punchbag will be found to take her place.

Rest in peace, Jade.


Zanthodon said...

I can't help feeling that there is some form of exploitation on the part of the medical mafia here too.

Apparently the uptake for young girls taking the Cerviacal Cancer jab has risen by ninety percent since jade's case became such big news.

Who knows what crap they place in this injection? The whole thing smacks of some sinister social egineering experiment.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You can bet Big Pharma wouldn't miss a trick like that! The vultures will canibalize Jade's body for every scrap of media-flesh they can get!

Anonymous said...

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