Wednesday, 19 November 2008

"NOW you're asking!?"

Something strange happened at the bank yesterday. I was just paying in a cheque, as you do, and the cashier asked me if I wanted to extend my overdraft limit. This is the first time I've ever been asked that, at least while I'm at the cash desk with a queue behind me! I've extended my overdraft before, but it's always been me asking them, not the other way round! It got me thinking.
I soon remembered that something happened a couple of weeks ago which may have "marked my card", so to speak. I received some backpay from a wages adjustment at work which allowed me to pay off my existing overdraft. This means I must be one of the few people in Oxford who is currently not in debt! It's necessary to understand a bit how the global financial system works to realize that people not in debt are intolerable to the modern economic system! (The brilliant movie Zeitgeist Addendum is a good introduction to this subject, in the first half of the film:

What with the current financial recession (Background: it's possible that I've been targeted for "fiscal reeducation"! I'll keep you informed of any further developments.

Interestingly I've had odd experiences with my bank before. A few years ago I wrote to them, three times, about my Chip + PIN card asking what information was stored on the chip, and what the chip's capabilites were. They never replied.

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Anonymous said...

Everytime I go into my local Lloyds Bank the cashier is really pushy for me to see the manager....and what few funds I have in there I am in the black. I have stopped going there as it was getting a regular question. Another bank I went to the Manager literally barged past me and made contact with my back as he escorted obviously a rich account holder for tea and buscuits in his office. Banksters indeed.